Graphic Communications

What Is Graphic Communications?

Graphic communications is commonly been referred to as commercial art or graphic design.  A career in graphic communications blends art and technology with business. The field is full of opportunities in areas such as art, animation, web, commercials, film and video.  Regardless of the title of your job, in this profession, you'll use visual and sound imagery to express something - information, an idea, even emotions - to a target audience through print or digital media. The process includes design, production and distribution. Some examples of the platforms graphic communications is used include:

Skills Applied In This Class:

Students will use the skills learned in the classroom to design and develop a variety of hands on projects.

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By state standards, four credit completers of this program are to be job entry level ready.  However an associates or bachelors degree is highly suggested.

Post-Secondary Articulation Agreements Available At Some State Universities.

Instructor: Eric Holland


What Is small Unmanned Aircraft Systems?

More companies across various industries are using drone technology to improve efficiency and solve unique problems. Though many people consider the drone industry most common in aerospace and defense companies, construction, delivery, real estate and other company types might offer positions that use drones. Learning about some of these opportunities can help you decide if a job in this field is right for you.

Students will learn about drones and how they are used in industry.   The course will accumulate with the opportunity for the students to prepare for and take their Part 107 pilots license test through the FAA.  More formally known as Part 107 of Chapter 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations or the “Small UAS Rule”, the Part 107 rules provide the legal framework for commercial drone flight. Part 107 was formulated and is implemented by the joint effort of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). 

Skills Applied In This Class:

Instructor: Eric Holland