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About Us

The Sheyenne Valley Area Career and Technology Center (SVACTC) is designed to offer Skilled Trade elective High School courses in Automotive Technology, Adult Education (GED), Agriculture Education, Career Development, Community Education, Construction Careers, Graphic Communications, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Transition/Work Experience, and Welding to high school students from our member schools Barnes County North, Litchville-Marion, Maple Valley, and Valley City Public Schools. We also offer many of our classes via Interactive Television (ITV) and online to High School students throughout the state of North Dakota.The SVACTC programming gives students an opportunity to acquire valuable skills as well as learn about and explore career opportunities in their field of choice. Upon successful completion of a program, students will have job entry level skills and the potential to obtain highly sought after and often high paying jobs without need for further education. The coursework and skills learned in classes at the SVACTC also serve to enhance the education received from their home schools by showing and allowing students to apply Math, Science, English, History, Technology, and Art skills to solve real world problems, fix, innovate, and create within a skilled trade field.The programs at the SVACTC also give students who may choose to pursue additional training after high school (Technical School or College/University)  by allowing them to verify their choice of profession and providing them a significant head start in acquiring the skills, confidence, persistence and work ethic needed to be successful in whatever future career they pursue.